A Bird In Hand
28th December 2018

Our philosophy is that research and education materials should be available to all for free. With this in mind we have collected a large library of parapsychology papers and essays which we have been kindly given permission to use by their authors. We have a  collection of thousands of historical cases from around the world in the form of scanned newspaper articles dating back over 160 years. We also operate as a reporting centre where those who have experienced or are experiencing events of a paranormal nature can get in touch, if given permission to do so,we will publish these accounts. It seems these days a lot of sudo-information on the paranormal or the unexplained is doled out by reality TV whose only goal at the end of the day is to make money not break throughs and this has had a negative impact on psychical research sure the shows are entertaining but they are just entertainment even though they pass their efforts and results off as the real McCoy .

I came to realise that there is a wealth of solid research being done  on subject matters from poltergeist to conciseness, ghosts, mediumship and beyond. But this research wasn’t necessarily getting the audience it deserved, often not making it beyond academic circles. Our aim is to build a large and comprehensive digital library that we hope will appeal to everyone, whether you spend your days locked in the dusty basement of  a university or maybe in a white coat in a lab, or perhaps in the field watching the contents of someones kitchen being thrown around by an unseen hand then this is the website for you. But more importantly this website isn’t just for the above, its for the likes of you and me, we who know there is more to this life than what we can see, those of us with a thirst to know more and are sick and tired of being fed faux facts by those shows.


This project is a massive undertaking and your help is needed, if you know of a good documentary or lecture on Youtube or you know of a paper or essay you think should be in the library then please do get in touch. Of course we are always on the look out for interesting stories in the news. Also we need your direct input, we need to hear from you if you think you have had an experience that you think might be paranormal, maybe its precognition, remote viewing a suspected haunting or the contents of your kitchen has a life of its own.

So please do sign up to be a member and join the community, its free and always will be. We have our ow forum where you can speak to and swap ideas and theories with like minded people and make some new friends. Oh and do check out my blog, which was the original purpose of this site before my imagination ran away with me.



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