16th January 2019

Research & Education

Our philosophy is that research and education materials should be available to all for free. With this in mind we have collected a large library of […]
28th December 2018

A Bird In Hand

  I was contacted a little while ago by a women who is the Landlady of a pub named  the Bird In Hand in Blidworth, a […]
28th December 2018

Laylines Churches & Beer

One of my favourite things to do is  getting out and about in search of oddities, maybe looking around locations that are supposed to be haunted […]
28th December 2018

An Interview With Dr. Karl Shuker

Karl, first of all I’d like to thank you very much for giving us your time today. My pleasure. Your career and popularity seems to go […]
28th December 2018

Buddhist Poltergeist In Arizona

I’d like to recount to you a case that was recently told to me by a retired US serviceman now living in Thailand. He kindly answered […]
28th December 2018

An Interview With Steven Myers

Steven, thank you so much for spending this time with us today. Thank you for this opportunity to express my ideas about my research and share […]