Psi Research Poland

who are we?

Psi Research Poland is a new initiative set up to conduct parapsychology research here in Poland. The group was formed as all good groups should be, over pizza. We noticed that whilst there are some very hardworking individuals in the field here in Poland an official organisation was lacking from this part of Europe. We all come from different backgrounds and disciplines and whist we all share a passion for this most fascinating of subjects we all have slightly differing opinions on what the cases of various phenomena might be and how best we might research and investigate them this we feel is one of our strengths. Most of our few members have had a life long interest in many aspects of the paranormal and some have been in active persuite of answers for many years. Unfortunately we  are not open to new membership at this time but if you think you might be of help to us then we would be grateful to hear from you. You can reach us via our contact page.

research & education

The primary goal of Psi Research Poland is tohelp in a small way to  further the knowledge psychical research in. This will be done by engaging in our own field research and experiments as well as in promoting the work of others via this site. We house an ever growing archive of essays, papers, news paper articles and documentaries, not only about parapsychology in Poland but from across the world, that we have collected with the express purpose of educating and entertaining those who have an interest in parapsychology no matter what level that might be at. Special attention will be given to bringing parapsychology to people in Poland who have an interest in an aspect of the paranormal but who perhaps have yet to be acquainted with it parapsychological research.  We hope the information you find on this site will be helpful in your own research and of course we welcome all constructive comments on how we could improve upon what we are trying to build. Please be gentle we are still just finding our feet.